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What if we could kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells? …find a way to make cancer chemotherapy treatments more effective while reducing their side effects? …find the natural plant or synthetic chemical product that could stop cancerous tumors from growing and eliminate them entirely

Through our continuing efforts at our two research laboratories, one in Michigan and the other in Florida, we are working to turn "what ifs" into reality.

The Walker Cancer Research Institute, Inc., headquartered in Maryland, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research organization that is supported by public donations, gifts and bequests. Our mission is to find more effective treatments for cancer. Our Anticancer Drug Synthesis Laboratory is located in the state of Michigan, while our Natural Products Laboratory is strategically located in the state of Florida, a region known for its diversity of semitropical flora and its educational and research activities.

Scientists in our labs in Michigan and Florida are working vigorously to find these treatments. We also provide educational information to the public concerning early detection of cancer symptoms and treatment options. WCRI’s public information program includes regular informational letters to the public giving succinct information about the health risks and early warning signs of cancer.

Our researchers have conducted several expeditions to the tropical rainforests of South America and other parts of the globe searching for new plant specimens with chemotherapeutic potential. Many of the most effective anticancer drugs on the market today have been derived from natural product sources. Due to the tragic dwindling of the world’s rainforests, many potential "wonder drugs" may never be discovered, so this area of our research is even more pressing than most.

It is the intention of the Walker Cancer Research Institute to explore new and innovative approaches to the treatment of cancer through developing experimental chemotherapeutic agents for the eradication of cancer as a health hazard.

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