Dr. Evan Harris Walker

1935 – 2006

In Memoriam 


Dr. Evan H. Walker was the President of the Walker Cancer Research Institute (WCRI) from its inception in 1981 up to his death in 2006.

Dr. Walker introduced and developed the novel approach of TDTA (Time Delay Toxin Activation) chemotherapy. Today the Walker Cancer Research Institute continues to research and develop this and other experimental cancer chemotherapies.

Dr. Walker spent his life dedicated to scientific research: he established the Walker Cancer Research Institute; conducted research in US Army laboratories for nearly three decades; made contributions to the US Satellite Program; was an authority on lunar surface phenomena; made contributions in the field of cloud chamber design; and contributed to the study of problems in stellar dynamics and computer pattern generation.

Dr. Walker was well known for his pioneering work as the originator of the Quantum Theory of Consciousness. He was the first to state that consciousness underlies quantum phenomena and to formulate a theory of consciousness based on observational and experimental data. In 2000, Walker authored the well-received book “The Physics of Consciousness” (Perseus Books), and recently completed his manuscript, “Magic of Mind.”

Dr. Walker developed numerous concepts and designs that resulted in eleven inventions including one invention in the field of solar energy and one in the field of environmental protection.

Parallel with his longstanding quest for scientific knowledge, Evan Harris Walker also sought to expand our artistic horizons. Walker pioneered the use of the computer to create original oil-on-canvas paintings and called his new art form “Synthesism.”